Our experts comply with requirements laid down by the Swiss Federal Auditing Authority and are accredited as chartered audit experts and/or auditors in compliance with the Swiss Federal Law on the Accreditation and Supervision of Auditors, enabling them to undertake the following briefs:

Auditing of the books and annual accounts of public limited companies (SA/AG), limited-liability companies (Sàrl), partnerships, associations, foundations and NGOs.
Auditing of the books, annual accounts, management and investments of occupational pension schemes and institutions.
Auditing of consolidated sets of accounts in accordance with SWISS GAAP FER or IFRS.
Specialised auditing mandates as stipulated in legal or statutory provisions (setting-up of a company, capital increases or reductions, winding-up of a company, etc.).
Specialised auditing mandates in connection with business mergers, demergers or splits, transformations or other company restructuring operations.


Swiss Federal Law on Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terroris

Our company is also accredited as an auditor, under the provisions of the above Law relating to financial intermediaries, in compliance with the criteria and conditions laid down by the main self-regulating bodies charged with combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism:
ARIF (Association of Financial Intermediaries for French-speaking Switzerland)
OAR-G (Self-Regulating Agency for Wealth Managers)
OAR-FIDUCIAIRE/SUISSE (Self-Regulating Agency for the Swiss Fiduciary Association)