Our company is active in all areas of the fiduciary and accountancy business: consultancy/advisory services, accounts and book-keeping, auditing, tax matters, valuation assessments, etc.)

Our staff are skilled and experienced professionals who are members of EXPERTSUISSE (Swiss Institute of Chartered Accountants & Tax Consultants) and accredited as chartered audit experts and/or auditors in compliance with the Swiss Federal Law on the Accreditation and Supervision of Auditors.

Our company is a member of FIDUCIAIRE/SUISSE (Swiss Fiduciary Association).

As a company, we can offer not just top-quality professional services, but also an individualised relationship with our clients that provides flexibility, versatility and discretion as befits a medium-sized business.

The scope of business operations covers not just Switzerland nationally, but also stretches beyond Swiss borders internationally.

Moreover, our work together with outside specialists who are recognised in the fields of tax, legal, financial and insurance expertise allows us to provide services to our clients that are specialised and tailor-made for each set of individual circumstances.