Who we are ?

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We are actively involved in all areas relating to trusts.

Consultants Associés SA is a medium-sized Swiss trust company with a wealth of sound experience that spans the entire fiduciary sector. We are experts in administration, accounting, auditing, tax and business management.

As a member of the Swiss trust association FIDUCIAIRE|SUISSE, our company boasts a strong reputation as a provider of high-quality services, with new clients placing their trust in us year after year. We always put client relations first and guarantee that enquiries will be followed up in a proactive and personalised way. By adopting this approach, we are able to find specific solutions for every one of our clients and ensure their satisfaction by taking their needs into consideration.

Our skilled and qualified professional staff are members of the EXPERTsuisse association and licensed audit experts and auditors under the Swiss Federal Act on the Licensing and Oversight of Auditors (AOA).

Economic and financial affairs are constantly evolving, which is why we also offer our employees the opportunity to gain new skills and expertise through continuous professional development. We believe learning and training are essential, and we also help the local community in the Geneva region by running professional reintegration traineeships (in partnership with IPT).

A company with people in mind

Qualifications and training

Our employees are qualified professionals (certified accountants, licensed trustees, etc.) with many years of experience. Our company believes in training and development in order to maintain a high level of knowledge and expertise. This is why it regularly offers and encourages all of its employees to follow continuing education courses at the most reputable organizations in the Swiss trust sector.


Social and environmental responsibility

We are deeply concerned about all kinds of emerging social issues. Respect for humanity in all of its forms is one of our fundamental values. That is why, following the Swiss National Council’s approval of the revision of the law on equal pay, we offer certification services relating to equal pay and advise businesses on how to achieve the targets set by this law.

Environmental issues are also very much at the heart of our commitment and our activities. Every day, we endeavour to reduce our environmental footprint by opting for responsible alternatives (recycling, paperless processes, plastic-free products, etc.).

We wish to continue our efforts in these areas and develop solutions and expertise around these themes for both SMEs and individuals. We are convinced that as a “traditional” trustee we can meet current societal challenges and offer support and solutions to get there. This is indeed our responsibility as an actor in society.